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"Your Wildest Dreams Come True"


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If I haven't met you & you are wondering how Pheromone Perfume works for both women & men - You might want to read some of the testimonials here: 

  the Testimonial & Review section of this website & 
there are over 50 reviews at, alone plus

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Sunday 11am to 6pm
Open by Appointment Every Day
713/409-3730 or 713/409-2893

Custom fragrance Plumeria
Introducing Hana Aloha 
"The Art of Love Magic"
an original Pheromone Perfume with Plumeria Absolute, 
various Botanical Extracts, Rare Essential Oils, Exotic Essences and Precious Fragrances from around the world.  
Not too floral, not too sweet & kissed with a touch of the tropics - just right for that "Private Island" experience.  2 oz.
Available September 1, 2014 
here & at Crazy Mama's Celestial Emporium. 
Designed exclusively by Diana Diamonds 
for Crazy Mama's Celestial Emporium.

A Valentine to everyone who ever loved BBW's discontinued Plumeria. This is the REAL thing! Even better!

Hugs and Kisses,

Empower Yourself 
with Your Original Signature Fragrance, Custom Jewelry, Personal Pheromone Perfume, Weight Loss Creations by Diana Diamonds Designs 

Become the 
"Star of your Own Show"! 
Make your wildest dreams come true.

All Fresh Original Pheromone Perfumes & Blends are On Sale for a limited time!!!  
"Lady in Red" is a sensuous & 
Oh So Female Pheromone Perfume that makes a woman feel beautiful & 
brings a man to his knees!

New Service: 
for Bridal Showers, Proms, Reunions and all Special Celebrations! 

Regain Your Figure 
@ Introductory Prices Today!!! 
Package deals available through August 1  50%off "Cellulite A Go Go" with purchase of "Bye Bye Big Belly". You can use as "wraps" by putting Saran Wrap over these products. 
Slimmercize yourself! 

"Bye Bye Big Belly" & "Cellulite A Go Go"
Essential Oil blend created by Diana Diamonds to help you sculpt all areas of your body including your double chin (throat). Can be used as a topical application before you apply "Cellulite A Go Go" or put Saran Wrap (no Saran Wrap on your throat!) around to create an incredible wrap. 4 ounces of "Cellulite A Go Go" (50% off) plus 10ml bottle with rollon applicator of "Bye Bye Big Belly". You'll be like the "Little Engine That Could"! Drink plenty of pure water as it works to help you detox your system.
Price: $97.00 $70.50
 This can be used as a self wrap at a fraction of the cost of spa wrap prices!!! And it works.
"Cellulite A Go Go"
100% natural ingredients in a gel form to be used alone as a topical application or as a "wrap" using Saran Wrap. Drink plenty of pure water. 2ounces
Price: $26.00
"Cellulite A Go Go"
100% natural ingredients in a gel form to be used topically with ot without Saran Wrap. Overnight is best! Drink plenty of pure water. 4 ounces
Price: $53.00

"Cellulite A Go Go"
100% natural ingredients in a gel form to be used topically alone or as a "wrap" with Saran Wrap. Overnight is best! Drink plenty of pure water. 6 ounces
Price: $71.00

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Create Your Original Pheromone Perfume to transform your life & elevate your mood utilizing 
Pure Botanical Ingredients, 
Rare Essential Oils including Sacred Biblical & Egyptian Essences, Precious  Fragrances from around the world and the Science of Pheromones.

It will become your Signature Fragrance!

Fragrance is your invisible secret accessory that surrounds you in a veil of  mysterious magnetism; an "envelope" of seduction & desire. 

Your Signature Fragrance will create favor for you in all areas of your life:
with the correct cocktail of Pheromones (based on your  individual desires & goals) to complete your "Magic Wand" of attraction, excitement & motivation.  

Exquisite Perfume that is available at prices you can afford that will 
rock your world: 
The Real Thing!!!

We Ship Worldwide 

Diana Diamonds Personal Pheromone Perfume 
Available only through 
Diana Diamonds 
(at Crazy Mama's
Celestial Emporium & this website). 
Original Perfumes combined to create your Signature Perfume have at least 35 ingredients & some have over 300 ingredients.  Each one has a "gestation period" of 3 to 6 months.
We can duplicate your discontinued fragrance.

                                                               Original  Artisan Jewelry

Genuine Gemstone, Pearl, Murano & Swarovski Crystal 
designed specifically for you to feel empowered, beautiful & special.
Our exclusive & valuable inventory is for the woman who values unique jewelry containing precious stones.  

For Trendsetters who change their look by changing their jewelry!  
For Trendsetters who recognize treasure reasonably priced .

Specials on Jewelry & Fragrance Parties
Call 713/409-3730 or 713/409-2893
For details!!!

Read through the 
section of this website to see what you can expect  from our products and services. 

Also newspaper and magazine articles  to understand the variety of results experienced by people just like you 
wearing their Personal Pheromone Perfume & Custom Artisan Jewelry.

It is about self-love, success, confidence & giving yourself permission to be your true authentic self!  

Pheromones are included to call forth your hopes & dreams. They are messengers to assist you in manifesting - taking action - regarding your intentions. 

Having Your Personal Pheromone Perfume Potion lovingly and expertly prepared by Diana, "The Nose", combines your powerful intentions (amplified by crystals and gemstones of your choice) as you are pinpointed through Dream Life Coaching: Life Tools to reach your next level of ascension & personal success.
Come visit us in
 Old Town Spring


This blend includes Bulgarian Rose ( opens the heart to receive love & affection), E. Indian Sandlewood (helps to release emotional blockages & to heal emotionally), Helichrysm (helps you release anger), Bergamot (a natural anti depressant), Frankincense (one of the sacred oils of the New Testament - clears neural pathways for clear; focused thinking & spiritual connection and protection)  plus several expensive imported  Essential Oils to assist in releasing anger while building self confidence & uplifting you spiritually, emotionally & intellectually. 
No other formula for PTSD 
is as powerful or effective. 
It was initially developed for a "wounded warrior" (at the request of his loving best friend) still serving overseas.  He promptly shared it with his buddies over there. It is deeply discounted in order 
to be available to everyone.  
Goddess Jewelry

Schedule A Jewelry Party or Individual Appointment to Create Your One of a Kind Artisan Goddess Jewelry             
 Dreams of the Dragonfly

This is the Museum Quality Jewelry you've always wanted but couldn't find or thought you couldn't afford. Designs that you will cherish forever created from exquisite gemstones, pearls & rare beads of all kinds.

Complex Therapeutic Formulas of
Pure Botanicals and Rare Natural & Organic Ingredients.

Achieve Measurable Skin Improvements
Guaranteed Results 
or your money back !
These products are designed 
to heal your skin.

Body,Mind & SoulExperience the most medically advanced and clinically proven ingredients combined to achieve synergistic results for you !!! 
Safe, effective & absolutely necessary if you want to 
"turn back time". 
Formulated by Diana Diamonds & manufactured at a sterile lab here in the USA.

What's in it for you?
Improvement in skin's elasticity,
texture, hydration & resilience.

Skin 's appearance visibly firmer, tighter and brighter.
Fading discolorations.  Healing at the dermal layer with your skin tone evened out. 

Reduction in appearance of stretch marks, pores & discoloration.  Visibly diminishes the appearance of wrinkles & scars .  Fragile skin: around eyes & neck strengthened and firmed.
Monthly Events &
"Goddess Gatherings"
Join free for complete info 

Women only.

Pheromone Perfume Parlor
& Perfume Bar

Open for Appointments Every Day  
Diana Diamonds

call 713/409-3730 
or 713/409-2893
for more information. 

Artisan Goddess Jewelry Design

Plan Your Strategy & Take Action for Success, Prosperity & Favor

Greetings of Riches
Predictions, Warnings & Windows of Opportunity for next 90 days

 Free Skin Care Consultation 
"Look Like A Bride Every Day"
713/409-3730           713/409-2893
 We are at the shop during the week preparing blends, shipping orders, researching and holding Private Appointments, Parties & Classes.  Call if you plan on dropping by to be sure we're available.  
Thank you, Diana

 diana diamonds
"The Courtyard
of the Angels"

 26306 Preston
Spring, Texas 77373
 Old Town Spring.
We are the little pink cottage in the woods.
*Driving Directions Available Below

"Something Special for Someone Special"
YOU !!!

Sx...potent Pheromone "Cocktail" to be used only for "Special Occasions"  
Organic Hibiscus Karma Chai Tea & Coffee...positive energy, boosts weight loss, flushes toxins, high in anti-oxidants, & improves mental focus. 
(Great for mid afternoon slow down.)
Jasmine Karma Chai Tea Smoothie...calms & relaxes - aids sound sleep, enhances memory, benefits eyesight, and gives your complexion a healthy glow.
Both of the above teas are also created locally by a
Master Tea-Meister.
To Freshen & Uplift Your Senses: always includes
White Sage Essential Oil
to clear negative energy.
Eliminates musty; stale odors.
This season's offering is called
"Fairy Godmother"
because it conjures all the best memories of your life.
Created by Diana Diamonds

Essential Oils - Individual & Blends
Includes the 4 Sacred Oils of the New Testament
For Muscle, Nerve & Arthritis Pain - Skin Conditions - and so much more
Gemstones with 925 Sterling Silver & Gold
Discover what your Personal Power Stones are -
and they aren't your "birthstones".
In-stock & Custom Orders
Designed to the Bride's Specifications for herself & her entire wedding party.
Tailored to Your Needs & Budget.
Personal & Business Coaching
"Greetings of Riches"
Your Personal Predictions for Right Now & the next 90 days.
Recognize your "windows of opportunity - sidestep potential problems through awareness of possible.probable challenges.
Metaphysical  Crystals, Beads & Faceted Stones
Rare Specimens including Merlinite, Azeztulite, Pyrite, Flame Agate, Healer's Gold, Rainbow Obsidian, Kyanite etc. & Wide Assortment of Genuine Pearls
Precious Antique Crystal,
Retro (Celebrity): Clothing, Hats, Costume Jewelry & Accessories, Designer Clothing & Evening Jackets,
Western Framed Art, Lamps, Decorative Accessories,
Original Artwork & Cards by Diana Diamonds
Antique & Contemporary Gifts
imagepreviewCrazy Mama's Celestial EmporiumAll Love in Peace for Your Highest Good,
Diana Diamonds
In Yourself
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