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Mobile Custom
Bar for all Occasions

 Corporate Events: 
(Comcast, Exxon/Mobil, KBR, American Liver Foundation, Sutherland, & "Successful Events" 
are a few of our clients.)
Team Building
Annual Museum Events 
& Fund Raisers
Anniversary Celebrations
Birthday Parties
Wedding Receptions
January, 2015: Reunion in Reno, Nevada 
2015 The Old Surfer's Reunion in 
Freeport, Texas for 600 people
Graduation Parties
Baby Showers
Fund Raising Events
Formal Occasions 
Grand Openings 
Masquerade Balls  
Halloween Parties  

custom perfumes
 You make your own fragrance using original  Perfumes created by Diana Diamonds using rare essential oils, exotic essences & botanical extracts. 
Long lasting; delicious fragrances that have a language of their own. That adjust to your body chemistry.  Each one has at least 17 ingredients & takes 3 to 12 months to cure. You can determine the exact selections.     

Not single simple essential oils.  
No alcohol or toxic synthetic 
shelf life additives. 
Nothing to give you a headache 
or sinus flare-up.  

love potions

Results are stunning & a written record of each person's fragrance formula is stored in our computer to be reordered in the future at Crazy Mama's 
or through this website!!!  

All supplies are furnished & the presentation is tailored to the event:  bottles (your choice), pipettes, custom labels that allow each person to name their perfume & identify the event, genuine gemstones & pearls (by request), satin drawstring bags in a variety ofcolors. 
Specialty & theme colors can be chosen in advance. 

Application directions for best results are provided.

Fragrance Specialists are dressed in accordance with your event theme. They guide your guests' choices to insure wonderful results. Diana Diamonds will be present & actively involved when events are booked well in advance. 

We can also furnish the actual physical bar/s to be used. 

  We guide your choices to guarantee incredible results.  

Please contact us well in advance of the event.  

It will be our pleasure to exceed your expectations. 
713/409-3730 or 
We work closely with you or your Event Planners to guarantee a successful event. 

private partiesYour cost will usually be less than what you might spend on party favors  that will be cast aside and soon forgotten.

wedding parties
Over 25 miles from Crazy Mama's shop (Galveston, Freeport etc.) Trip Charge & Perfume Bar Details
You will choose (ahead of time) the fragrances to be offered to your guests. We furnish: Pheromones & Copulin blends, pipettes/ test tubes/ bottles, satin drawstring bags & individual labels (can be customized for the event) for guests to name their Pheromone Perfume Creation (can be multicolor or certain colors to go with bridal colors, anniversary or corporate colors), perfume bar to be setup & manned by experienced Fragrance Specialists: for 1 hour setup minimum & breakdown included based on the number of guests (to guide/advise & guarantee fabulous results). Physical bar can furnished at event.
Price: $250.00
Over 350 persons (price is per person)
Description above. 10 ml
Price: $17.00
15 ml:
200 to 350 Persons (price is per person)
Description above 10 ml
Price: $22.00
15 ml:
Make your event memorable & unique.

Per Person Fee
Details regarding what is supplied above. Minimum of 75 to 200 persons. 20+ perfume choices. Perfume Barrista/s to assist. Deposit required 30 days in advance. Custom Perfume in art deco glass bottle. Formula recorded for duplication.Per person10 ml
Price: $26.00
15 ml:

You Create An Original; Signature Perfume with Diana Diamonds at Crazy Mama's for Your Event
You come to Crazy Mama's by appointment to create
Signature Perfume for your event that will guarantee a lasting memory & a tangible gift for guests/bridesmaids to treasure. Application instructions, satin bags, custom labels & bottle provided per person for $35.00 (15ml.:1/2 ounce).
Price: $35.00
15 ml bottles: $44.00:
Your perfume creation can be priced per 16 ounce and you bottle or we can bottle it.:

We also manufacture and supply for retail sales.  
Inquire:  713/409-2893 
or 713/409-3730

All love in peace,
Diana Diamonds
dream life coach

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